Writing as art

Each day when I settle in to write, I sometimes wonder am I a writer or an artist.  Is a writer and an artist one in the same each just using different media or approach to conveying the concept? Does the distinction even matter?

When I take the opportunity to combine art forms, it doesn’t seem to diminish any one of the forms, and like many things, the synergy of combining techniques is often greater than each individual piece.

I do know that I am better at writing, than the other art forms I attempt, and I’m good with that, as using words to create the essence of a moment in time is both a passion and a role I enjoy fulfilling.  Each of us must find that role or passion and put our hours, days, and even a lifetime in to create, evolve and mature those passions.  It is a gift to ourselves, and perhaps, a gift to others.

What do you think?  What is the artistic form(s) you’re most passionate about?

Risë E. Daniels

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