These hours before dawn

We inch ever so lightly toward the new year.  With Christmas behind me, my thoughts turn to those special moments just lived during the holidays and the joys shared with my “pod”, a strange word that has become a part of our vernacular in these times and is used to signify those we share our time with during our isolation.

This holiday reminded me of a Christmas I spent alone with my dog.  On that Christmas night, I wrote the following poem, “Christmas 1997”:

The night draws long
And I have breathed this cold night air
And gazed at the stars but for a moment
In these hours before dawn

A smile graces my soul
For I and my dog have filled this day
With laughter and love and memories
To have until our days are old

The night draws long
And at its end I will know why I live
And give it words and passion to share
In these hours before dawn

The dog I shared that night with has long since passed, but I still hold her and that night vividly in my memory and in my heart.

Then, as is now, in our isolation during this pandemic, I feel assured there are still wonderful memories to make with those we hold dear, if we stop to reflect and quiet the noise around us for a moment.

Remembering why we live and what we can share with the world can make the isolation we may feel more tolerable and give new meaning to this coming year.

Stay safe and well and let the passion ignite the fire within you! 

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