The Poet’s Salvation

I generally write every morning – journaling really.  Taking that time to write a stream of consciousness with no editing and no judgement stretches my mind and soul releasing the cobwebs from overnight or the prior day and readies me for the tasks at hand.

A few weeks ago, I stopped that practice.  The news around COVID-19 and the fears in my own mind had overtaken my mind space leaving little to no room for writing and other creative endeavors.  I was frozen and by being so, felt I was spiraling down a deep hole with no traction or life rope to hang on to. 

Eventually, though, we do find a bit of strength to stop our fall and can latch once again on to what we know to be true.  On March 16th I reached that point and decided to take that part of me back filling it once again with writing and art.  It was for me my rescue; my one true path.

This “new world” requires a bit of rethinking about how we live and the choices we make with our time.  If I stop to truly think about it, it really is the only thing we can control right now.  Given the restrictions; the isolation, I need to make those choices my own and not relegate them to fear.  Choices that support me, while keeping the greater good in mind for all.

eerily quiet
the sound of nature emerges
to fill the void

In part, what helped me get back from this dread was reading poetry.  I have seen some great haiku/senryu from fellow poets coming out in this time; each bringing to light the condition of humanity and touching our unspoken emotions.  

in isolation
the poets express eloquently
our deep uncertainties

Some of the poems bring chuckles; humor releasing deep-seated fears, others are an expression of what we witness in these trying times.  This community of poets, in part, becomes a salvation, as we navigate this new and, what I hope, temporary reality.

a glimmer of hope
the poet’s words remind us
of what can be

Poets will always have a critical role in helping communities gather strength and envision what is possible, and, perhaps, in each poem help us find hope to face the reality of what is ahead.

If you find you have time, read poetry to find those words you need today. 

Be safe and well my friends!

© Risë Daniels, 03/26/2020

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