The beauty of our gifts

We sometimes don’t notice the gifts we have or don’t give them their due. It is a beautiful and magical opportunity to watch and be a part of your own or someone else’s evolution in the care and feeding of a discovered gift. The journey is as much a part of the awe as are the fruits of the “becoming.” To notice the joy that it brings to the artist/writer and others who witness and celebrate their results.

Today I want to highlight a gifted artist and friend, Bettina Sekora, whose collaboration I value and cherish. Sometimes, the writing comes first; sometimes, the art. In the end, the meld of the two enriches the piece while not diminishing either art form.

This combination of art and haiku (and other types of poems) is called “haiga.” Many great poets are very adept at achieving greatness in this form without collaboration with another artist. I, for one, find the collaboration helps me see beyond my words to another level of creative pulse.

Enjoy our latest collaboration below, and let me know what you think.

Comments welcomed!

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