New Outlooks

As September ended, a chilled zephyr arrived, albeit a bit early.  But as with all transitions, we adjust.  So for now, as I write these words, I have returned inside to my studio; now just dreaming of the summer sunshine on my face and soul.

tea leaves convey
what I can not

The birds and their voices have grown quieter; the cicadas silent.  These sounds have been replaced in part by the rustle of falling leaves and cascading acorns.

 floating in random formation           autumn leaves

The once vibrant colors of birds and summer flowers are now echoed in the changing hues of the sugar maples and aspens.

Beauty in each season brings to our senses new outlooks. It is important to mourn not a passing season, but rather embrace the new one and the beauty found in it.

the cool breeze breathes
new life into this journey

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