In these times…

These are interesting times. You may use a different word(s) to qualify them. I do too. Strange. Weird. Scary. Difficult. Depressing. New reality.

No matter how you describe these days, like me, your anxiety may be heightened, you may be hyper-focused on the news around us, or wondering how we will survive or rise above what we face.

Today. I stopped for a moment and returned to my morning journal writing to bring me back to myself and to a sense of calm and focus on what matters most to me; putting aside the drone of facts and pontifications, as well as, stopped switching my attention each time my watched buzzed me or my phone “dinged” with a new headline.

I thought I would share with you over the next weeks, as we self-isolate and shelter from the bombardment of news, some of what I’m doing for self-care or how the world appears to me as we work through this. I hope in some measure that by doing so, you may be reminded of your “hope” and find some ways of viewing this new world differently that will make your journey easier and with just a little bit of joy. Below is the first “edition”. Maybe you can help with a term of what to call these little writings. Would love to know what you think.

A Return to Self-Care

I realized today that I must commit to providing more self-care to maintain my strength and reduce my stress during these times. Otherwise, my mental and physical health will suffer, for you see, I am in a high risk group; what they term a “vulnerable” – over 60 and diabetic.

To return to self-care, I am giving myself permission to search out the simple pleasures around me:
– seeing that Spring has awakened
– walking among the trees and noticing their energy and their wisdom
– watching my dog running carefree and feeling her unconditional love
– laughing at stupid jokes
– telling the people I love that I do
– being more present in the moment
– getting outside for fresh air, sunshine, and quiet walks
– breathing deeply in and out repeating a mantra of hope

Each of these brings a sense of wellness and happiness, when I do them. Writing about them here ingrains them in my being and offers a reminder of why they’re important.

All of these things are within my control. I am free to do them. I must just make that choice.

noticing Spring reappear in small measure what I’ve always known

What will you chose for you today?

Be safe and choose you happy place, if even for a moment. Risë Daniels

Yes we can!

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