Envisioning a Different Way

August has been a brutal here in the northeast with record-breaking heat; a drought; an early tropical storm for which we received little rain; and, of course, the on-going COVID-19 pandemic.  Not sure, if anyone could have predicted all this.

no one had a clear vision
of what was to come

And yet, as we struggle with the required changes necessary to stem the spread of the virus and adapt to these unusual events, some of us have found a path back to simpler ways of being. For me, that includes spending more time exploring nature, sharing quality moments with immediate loved ones, engaging in creative pursuits, and reading, while allocating less time to undertakings that do not provide true joy or inspiration. 

Has the universe shaped these trials to show mankind an alternate way of living; reminding us of what could be? These emerging possibilities shed a light on a different set of values, along with, a changed sense of time and busyness triggering us to reflect on our authentic priorities and the importance of caring for ourselves and our larger community through selfless actions.

new perspective –
finally grasping a
deep assurance of us

For now, it is uncertain whether this new way of being will have “stickiness”, but there is hope and inspiration for what we can become, if we stop and explore the opportunity.

Moon-lit forest night to a different way

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