Arrival of First Light

The garden is flush with new bounty – flowers, vegetables, herbs – and the visitors that come with late Spring – a kaleidoscope of butterflies, songbirds, hummingbirds, and dragonflies.

Still, I await the arrival of fireflies.  Little “light fairies” that bring wonderment in the darkness illuminating micro bits of the night’s domain.  I hadn’t noticed their emergence last year; their numbers fewer created by changes in their sphere – the places they call home.

a spotlight on
environmental damage…

Vowing this year will be different, I pledge to venture out each night to look for that diminutive beacon of hope in the darkness, however faint, and delight in the witnessing.

anticipating the arrival
              of the first firefly
                           a stone Buddha waits with me

© Risë Daniels, 06/15/2020

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