A new year begins…

As I sit here writing in my studio, a light snow has begun to fall outside my window. The birds that frequent are flitting here and there scouring for seeds. They always seem busiest when the snow is falling, as if this may be the last food available. And yet, I always refill their feeding stations during the winter in hope I can ensure them their worry is unneeded.

A new year has arrived at the homestead. With it, I often perceive the opportunity to begin anew to achieve what awaits in my imagination and my soul.

I’m not a fan of resolutions. Being more practical, despite my “zen” nature, I’d rather have a sense of direction – either on a continued path or a determined divergence off that path, no matter how brief – and the work that will get me there, so instead, I create monthly goals.

Monthly goals enable me to map out shorter destinations that empower my journey, but which also grant me the opportunity to pause or stopover a while, if I am intrigued with the results or the possibilities. This approach also requires me to become more definitive on what I truly want forcing me to the details of how I get there.

The flip-side of staying on the same path can also be true, if a different direction is desired, or the path I’m on reveals a dead-end. Then the work to map out a new journey begins.

You might ask, “But do you ever achieve anything doing it that way?”. The answer is and will always be a resounding “yes!“, as doing it this way, I become more intimate and in tune with what I really need and the journey that will get me there.

How about you?

day breaks on
fresh fallen snow ̶
a new year takes flight

© 2019 “The Day Awaits”, a book by Risë E. Daniels

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