Life in Words

published haiku/senryu

blowing dandelion seeds
the only snow in this
southern childhood

The Day Awaits,
a book by Risë E. Daniels

migrating geese….
feeling there is somewhere else
I should be

2019 Akitsu Quarterly Fall Edition

early spring hike
brushing the winter dust
off her bones

tinywords – Issue 11.2 | 1 JULY 2011

storm clouds –
unable to navigate
her silence

2019 Haiku Society of America (HSA) Members’ Anthology

umbrella bin –
leaving the rain
at the door

bottle rockets #41 2019 Fall Edition

after the rain
the other side
of the heat

frogpond vol. 42 no. 3, fall 2019

foreign land
the sound of laughter
still the same

New England Letters #100, September 2019

counting mala beads…
the silence of who I am

bottle rockets – #40 February 2019

the warble of a red-winged blackbird –
this day! this day!
waits not for me

The Day Awaits,
a book by Risë E. Daniels

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