About the Artist – Risë E. Daniels

Risë E. Daniels is a writer and artist focused on haiku, tanka, haibun, and haiga. She has been published in multiple journals, including bottle rockets, tinywords, 2019 Haiku Society of America (HSA) frogpondAkitsu Quarterly, Moonbathing, Under the Bashō, Presence (England), British Haiku Society’s Blythe Spirit, Failed Haiku, and Haikuniverse. In 2010 she won an honorable mention in the United States category of the Vancouver Haiku Invitational.

In October 2019, Risë’s first book, “The Day Awaits,” was published and features a collection of her original haiku/senryu.  In 2020, one of her poems was selected to appear in “The Awakened One” anthology created by the Australia Haiku Society.

She is the founder of Lone Heron Art and currently lives in Connecticut with her partner, Laurie, and her dog, Riley.

Risë’s philosophy is to create art that is accessible to everyone and speaks to the truth of the human condition, the world, and the zen of a life well lived.  While writing is her primary art form, she also dabbles in other artistic adventures, including pottery, photography, and sketching to create a view into an unseen or unknown world around us.

She looks to the small and sometimes invisible events around us, like the changing of the season, a moment of clarity during meditation, or the essence found in the invisible touch of strangers that inspire us to be better humans.